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About Us is a transparent company that believes organizations have the right to know what our fundraising food items contain. With that in mind, we publish the nutritional information and ingredients for every lollipop we sell.

Because almost everyone loves to wrap their lips around a lollipop, a lollipop fundraising drive can prove successful for almost any type of organization, including schools, youth groups, and non-profit groups. However, some of our novelty lollipops are best suited for sports teams. If you're raising funds for uniforms or competition travel, our Baseball Lollipops and Lolliball Football Lollipops can help you achieve your goals.

We also have some great novelty-themed lollipops, which are perfect for seasonal fundraising drives. Sell the Yummy Hearts Lollipops around Valentine's Day, Easter Joy Lollipops at Easter, spooky Lolliween Halloween Lollipops through October, and Merry Pops Christmas Lollipops ahead of the holiday season.

From the very young to the very old, almost everyone loves a lollipop. At, we offer a wide variety of lollipops to help organizations fundraise all year round.


Initially marketed as "The Lollipop Company" and offering just one product - lollipops - to non-profit groups nationwide, we modeled our business in a way that would ensure maximum profits were returned directly to our customers. Combined with a strong commitment to excellent service, we enjoyed a rapidly growing customer base out of the gate and happily, our sales have continued to increase every year since.

Ours is a story of tremendous continuing growth and success and we look forward to many more years of helping thousands of non-profit groups raise millions of dollars for their good causes!

* Non-profit groups consist of school groups, churches, scouts, youth sports organizations, bands, parent-teacher associations ('PTA's), parent-teacher organizations ('PTOs') and thousands of other independent organizations.